Hello i'm Athan, 25. This blog is mostly art from other people and sometimes my own. I try to keep a wide variety of different styles of art here, so enjoy. My avatar is by Dave Rapoza.

 18号 by ミッシュ.

Anonymous : Hello ive been sent by the organization of creepers, I understand that recently you have lost your creeper. I have been sent to replace him. Good day, and keep watching for me outside your window :)

Welcome aboard, I’m gonna make you the happiest creep in the whole world. Just one question, how did you know the last one was a “him” unless you’re the original creep trying to double creep!

Guess where I’m going tomorrow….JAIL!!!! to see a friend that could use a visit.  I couldn’t resist posting the fact that people reviewed jails on Google maps :) 

The person who plagued me with creepy messages on here finally unfollowed me. I don’t know whether to be happy or a little sad about it. A little creepin was almost nice every now and then…