Hello i'm Athan, 25. This blog is mostly art from other people and sometimes my own. I try to keep a wide variety of different styles of art here, so enjoy. My avatar is by Dave Rapoza.

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I have a friend that did watercolor on wood (I think oak) for his AP concentration, and the effect w/out a fixative was really subtle and lovely, but it you want bright colors…

That’s kind of what I was thinking! I know acrylics and oils are the norm for pieces on wood panels, but I don’t own a set of either yet so I guess we’ll see how this goes. Thanks for the help!

Sorry to keep spamming my art but I’m really into creating this piece!! Graphite is done and now I’m set to do some painting. I was curious if anyone knew how well watercolor washes will work on an oak panel. I was thinking that I need to use a fixative beforehand, but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?

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Does Jesper have a tumblr? this is amazing

He does actually!! I edited the post to include the link :)

Jesper Friis. Follow him on Tumblr.

tic--toc : your tumblr is amazing!!! *-*

Thank you so much!!